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What data do we need?'

PDF Adobe Ilustrator Encapsulated PostScript Adobe Photoshop TIFF
If you are at your wits’ end, contact us, we will be happy to help you
Source files requirements

Graphics must be in one of the formats specified.
Bitmap sources must be 1:1 in the resolution of at least 300 dpi.
Text must be converted to outlines.
Transitions must be on white background or in layers.
Files must not be locked or password-protected.

Volume of textile to be printed on

print 1 – 2 colours at least 30 pcs
print 3 – 4 colour at least 50 pcs
print 5 – 8 colours at least 100 pcs
print 9 – 12 colours at least 200 pcs

Maximum dimensions of direct print

men’s T-shirts unicolour print – 48 x 65 cm
men’s T-shirts multicolour print – 45 x 55 cm
girls’ T-shirts – 28 x 45 cm
children’s T-shirts – 20 x 30 cm
sleeves – 5 x 11 cm or 11 x 40 cm

Where are we able to print?
The most usual places to print on

Kam tiskneme?
Atypical places to print on

We can print on unusual places: on sides, over sleeves, over the neckline, over the zip, or on the hem First, however, we must assess if a particular print on a T-shirt or a different garment is feasible - contact us, we will be happy to help you.
Maximum dimensions of transfer print

print dimension on transfer sheet 45cm x 30 cm
print dimension on baseball caps - 12cm x 6cm
print dimension of a private label 6cm x 12cm

We supply T-shirts; you needn’t take care of anything.
You can rely on the speed and high quality of the final print.
Everything is produced for the maximum possible quality of print and appliqués.
You can choose from popular models of T-shirts and the entire advertisement textile catalogue.
Atypical places for print

To make the job order go smoothly and avoid unnecessary idle time, check in what format we need your data.
We print on T-shirts of the minimum quantity of 30 pieces of one cut and colour, regardless of their size.
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